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Update: First iPhone 5 winner announced!

We have a winner! The first winner of our Win an iPhone 5 competition is Sam from NSW. Sam is now the proud new owner of a 16GB white iPhone 5S!

But don’t despair, if you want to win an iPhone 5S too, we have plenty more where that came from! All you need to do is complete a quick Survey and Win the brand new iPhone 5S .
We have more 16GB iPhone 5s to give away – availa ble in both black and white, so whatever your style, we have it covered! You want awesome features as well? No worries. The iPhone 5S is thinner and lighter than its predecessor the iPhone 4S, and it also has a much bigger screen (4 inches compared to 3.5 inches), complete with Retina Display.
When it comes to picture taking, the iPhone 5 wins hands down, with an 8 megapixel camera and a 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera, and much faster shutter speed. And of course, you still have access to a huge range of apps, heaps of other features, and SIRI – your very own personal assistant!
So, if you want to be a lucky winner of a brand new iPhone 5S, enter now! 
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Iphone 5 have arrived

 Update: We have just received the iPhones!

After the huge rush of people wanting to purchase the brand new Iphone we have finally got our stocks delivered. After waiting over two weeks the iPhones finally arrived so we now have them all of them sitting in the office! So best bet is to enter the competition as soon as possible! Make sure you're in with the best chance to win an Iphone 5S for Free!!
We will be giving away the first free Iphone every week!
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Getting the iPhone 5S: How much will it cost you?

With the Apple iPhone 5S recently going on sale, it’s time to decide if it’s actually affordable. The cost of a new iPhone 5S without a contract will be $799 for the 16GB model, $899 for the 32GB model and $999 for the 64GB model in Australia, clearly its much more affordable simply to fill in the form below and go in for a chance to Win an Iphone 5 from us.
However, not wanting to put down that much money upfront, many people prefer to sign up for a plan. This pays off the phone over a period of time, and provides a certain amount of calls and data usage per month.
While there are 12 month plans available, the majority of plans for the iPhone 5 are paid over 24 months. You want to watch for this because you know that in 12 months Apple will releaes a new Iphone, most likely the Iphone 5s if they follow the same fashion of phone releases as they have done for the past 5 years. Your best bet is to simply fill out the form below, and go into a running to Win an Iphone 5 in our very simple competition.

iPhone 5S Giveway: Is the iphone 5S value for money?

The latest version of Apple’s ever popular iPhone has arrived. The iPhone 5 was greeted with a lot of enthusiasm for its light, compact design and stylish finish, but the real bug bear for Apple fans is the fact that iPhone 5 owners now have to contend with a new ‘lightning port’ which makes the old docking system obsolete and means those who don’t want to buy new accessories have to stump up $35 for a new adaptor. > Read More or fill out the form above to Win an Iphone 5S in our Giveaway.

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